Top 8 kitchen & bathroom design trends this 2021   

The kitchen and bathroom are considered to be the two most essential spaces in your home. These days, there have been different kinds of unique and innovative kitchen and bathroom designs that you can go for as per your preference and requirements. Each of these design trends has something to offer to beautify the overall look of your home.

Here are the top 8 kitchen and bathroom design trends of the year 2021. You can check out these design trends and go for any specific one that suits you best.

1. Green custom cabinetry for kitchen

This unique design of custom cabinetry is known to be appropriate for the kitchen these days. Green is known to be a warm color that looks organic, fresh, and earthy. This color tone even sets off standard stain color amazingly. Setting some white upper cabinets will complement this distinct custom cabinetry. If you can mix some other colors with this setup and blend this whole thing, then you can get some fantastic form. Keep reading to know about more kitchen & bathroom designs.

2. Furniture style cabinetry

This distinct custom-made linen-type cabinet furniture is to feature caning inserts for allowing proper airflow into cabinets. This is one of the prevalent bathroom designs and styles that people prefer to choose. This spacious design style is likely to be customized following the particular demands and requirements that a customer is looking for. This design is to look best if some decorations are used in displaying attractive storage. Caning can be used to enhance its aesthetic aspect. Caning is considered to be such a fiber material that it is a great screen for the cabinet’s interior.

3. Kitchen Workstation Sinks

A sink workstation is an important place where you are to do many activities such as chop, prep, rinse, hold hot dishes, and clean up after the meal. In this design, the kitchen front and center are correctly utilized to the fullest. This unique design is to remain valuable and popular for so many years to come. In the coming future, people will be likely to be using this design and type of kitchen design as it perfectly makes the best use of the sink and other surrounding space for its maximum utilization.

4. Backsplashes with texture and color

Hexagon tiles backsplash design has become one of the most useful and decorative kitchen designs these days. It has made a bold statement under the contemporary kitchen design aspects in the year 2021. The tile backsplash is regarded as an effective way of adding texture and color to the kitchen. This backsplash can also be added to the wall behind the open cabinetry, glass doors, and floating shelves. It can significantly enhance the style and look of your kitchen. There are so many options, such as glass, marble, porcelain, stone, etc. You should go for a professional designer to get help regarding this.

5. Wetrooms: The latest bathroom design

Wetrooms have been quite a popular bathroom design option in Europe which is also gradually becoming common in the USA. This style of bathroom is to combine both the bathtub and shower in a single area. This design takes a minimalist approach which becomes quite efficient if there is less space. You have the option to get rid of oversized showers and bulky tubs. Instead, get a sleek and unique bathroom that will be easy to wash.

6. Minimalist custom range hoods

This style of kitchen mainly goes with accent tile and wood. You can also use other materials following your need and preference. The hoods in this design are to be the drywall. The primary purpose of this design is to make it clean and simple. You have the option to make it work with several styles such as transitional, contemporary, and farmhouse design. You can even add various materials like metal accent, trim, or shiplap.

7. Curbless shower design

This fantastic design is to make a bathroom look simple and yet elegant. On the other hand, with this design, your bathroom will become more prominent and open. The distinct shower design is to make design lines clean and effectively showcase tile work of the bathroom. You have the option of adding some hand-held shower, grab bars or bench for making the showering process more accessible and better.

8. Pet-friendly spaces

If you have pets at home and want to design a pet-friendly bathroom and kitchen, this design will be the best option for you. In this design, there is particular storage for pet food to make the design look sleek and clean. This is known to be a great solution for giving a fantastic look and feel to your bathroom and kitchen while being pet-friendly at the same time. You can do some online research to know about more kitchen & bathroom designs.

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