What Is The Average Price Charged For Carpet Cleaning

The DIY carpet cleaning route can look appealing but it may cause wear and tear to your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use effective methods to clean the carpet such as dry carpet cleaning, hot water extraction, and steam cleaning to give the best quality cleaning. However, the price charged for carpet cleaning varies from one carpet cleaner to another.

In this article, you will get an estimate for a carpet cleaning service.

What Factors Impact The Carpet Cleaning Price?

The cleaning firms also charge based on the type of carpet used in the household. There are two ways in which cleaning firms determine the cost.

  • Professional carpet cleaning services charge per room. This implies that they will offer a fixed cleaning price for each room in the house.
  • On the other hand, carpet cleaners charge additional fees to move furniture. If a homeowner wants to save on these extra costs then they may need to move entertainment centres, couches, other heavy objects on their own.

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What Is The Average Price Of Carpet Cleaning?

To get an estimated cost of carpet cleaning and to avoid getting overcharged, it is important to learn about the factors that determine carpet cleaning costs.

The cost could fall around $25 – $75 for every room for carpet cleaning. In this way, an average price of $51 per room will be charged. Larger entire house cleaning projects will be more expensive than $550.

Some companies will charge on a per square foot basis. For companies who own a small-sized home, will pay more than the one required to offset material and travel costs. Those who have larger homes will pay a little lesser per square foot as setup, material, and equipment requirements are fixed.

The average charges for cleaning a carpet run between 30% and 50% per square foot. It comprises labor, guarantee, and products that comply with the guidelines mentioned by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The cleaning prices also depend on the kind of cleaning requested as well as add-ons purchased.

Things To Remember To Avoid Unexpected Carpet Cleaning Costs

  • As there are minimum charges incurred every time you clean the carpet, it is important to get everything cleaned at once than doing it on trips.
  • Stubborn stains need more work to get rid of them. It is important to talk about these stains to the cleaning firm before the commencement of the work.
  • Some carpet firms do not remove furniture when cleaning the carpet. You can either remove it on your own or give them an additional charge to do the job. You should get it clear before you hire any carpet cleaning service.


The price of the carpet cleaning depends on several factors including the type of method used. As each company’s requirement is different, the cost of carpet cleaning will also be different.  It is required for companies to compare the services of different companies to arrive at the right price.

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