Tips to choose a front door for your house

Your front door is the first thing which visitors notice before entering your home, so you definitely want it to create a good impression. Also, the right entry doors are known to increase the curb appeal of your property. Here is some advice to select a good entry door that doesn’t just complement your house but also meet your personal and budgetary needs.

Style options

You have different types of entry doors available to select from. In order to narrow down your choices, it is important that you draft a budget and pay attention to the architectural structure of your house. Right from wood doors, French doors, vinyl doors, molded panel doors, flush doors, steel doors, you have dozens of options to consider. You can pick anyone which appeals to you and fits your budget.


The material of the door you choose determines how much maintenance will it require. Consider the amount of energy and money you are ready to spend on the upkeep of the door. As it is vulnerable to sunlight and moisture, wood may need a good amount of maintenance. On the other hand, steel and fiberglass doors will need comparatively less. Vinyl doors, lastly are considered to be maintenance free. If you opt for glass panels, then remember the glass requires cleaning every few months.


While wood doors need more upkeep and cleaning, they are less prone to depreciation than their steel and fiberglass counterparts. In case of a scratch, the damage is simple to repair. Steel doors are robust but don’t stand too strong during severe weather conditions. Similarly, fiberglass can crack when subjected to heavy force. Vinyl doors are seen to stand the test of time more competitively.

Energy efficiency

Irrespective of the material you have selected, a new entry door will offer great results in enhancing the energy efficacy of your home. In the long run, it will save you a good amount of money, so you don’t have to pay high energy bills to regulate your home temperature. Steel, vinyl and fiberglass are better insulators than wood, so if energy efficiency is your priority, then they will be a better choice.

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