Coat Your Garage Floors with a Durable Epoxy

There are many very good reasons why you should coat your garage floor with a durable epoxy. Epoxy is a very durable sealant coating that effectively seals concrete which is why it is often used for this very purpose. It is also a very inexpensive way to give your garage a facelift that will withstand even the toughest use.

If you use epoxy premier garage floor coating to seal your floors, they will be very durable and strong. This coating will greatly extend the life of your concrete floors and protect them from dings and chipping. They will be better able to withstand wear, and you will save time and money by not having to refinish your floors or seal the cracks.

They will also be much easier to maintain and clean since they will not be as porous. There are many different variations of epoxy coatings, so you will be able to find one that you like and that suits your needs. It’s also a green option since you will not need to use as much material to repair or replace damaged flooring.

Using an epoxy floor coating is a great way to really transform any room or garage. Not only is it a very durable material but it comes in many aesthetically pleasing colors and designs. It is very easy to apply yourself, or you could hire a contractor to install it for you. If you decide to do it on your own, all you need are a few simple tools and a little time.

You will need about a day to cover your floor with the epoxy and you should plan to budget about $100 to $500. The cost will depend on how much flooring you need to cover and on what design you decide to go with. If you are hiring someone else to do it, you will also need more to cover the cost of labor. To apply, you will need to completely empty out your garage and make sure that the floor is completely clean. The most difficult and time-consuming part of this job will be all the prep work, but it is a must. The more you prep your area, the better it will turn out so take your time and do it right. Sweep, vacuum, and clean all the oil spots. Your floor must also be completely dry before you start.

You will want to apply an acid solution of muriatic acid and water and rinse a few times. Then you will have to mix up your epoxy. You will need to work quickly as it will harden quite quickly. You will most likely need a few coats as well to ensure that you get a good covering. This is where you can get creative. You can add a non-skid floor addictive to your mix. You should also apply a wax coating to make it easier to clean. An epoxy coating is a great investment as it will protect your garage floors.

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