Is Carpet Replacement Necessary?

It’s a consideration many homeowners contemplate as they walk across their faded, old carpets in their home. Those floor coverings that were once lush, brilliant, and comfortable have grown tired and muted. Maybe you even detect a little fraying around the edges and there are more than a few stains that you just can’t seem to eliminate on your own.

Your carpets may not look and feel their best but does that mean it’s time to remove them from your home entirely and lay down replacements? Not necessarily. In some cases, it may actually be more cost-effective to have a Redondo Beach carpet cleaning company give your carpeting some tender loving care and repair those areas that have become damaged over time.

However, there may also be specific indicators that point towards replacement as the only viable option for the health and well-being of you and your family. No one wants to live or even visit a home with toxic carpeting throughout.

There are also the additional factors of cost and waste to consider. Carpet replacement can be expensive and your old carpeting will just contribute to the millions of pounds of material that end up in landfills every year. Neither of those facts are all that appealing in the grand scheme of things.

Reasons to Replace

Every carpet and the amount of wear and tear it has sustained over time is different. The condition of your carpeting needs to be carefully assessed so you can decide if it should still remain in your home. Things like damage, discoloration and fading, or even the way it smells can all point to a pressing urgency to have the carpet replaced.

While these are all good reasons for replacement they are also issues that you might be able to solve. Many types of damage can be repaired and discoloration and fading are also fixable. Foul odors may be eliminated depending on what is causing the smell.


If you discover any signs of mild or mildew lurking in or under your carpeting you will most likely need to have them removed and replaced. Mold is very dangerous and breathing it into your lungs can lead to serious health repercussions. You should never allow any kind of mold to remain in the home.

Another instance in which your carpets will likely need to be replaced is if any sort of hazardous waste has been spilled on the carpet. This includes raw sewage or if a toilet has overflowed with dirty water.

You may be extremely diligent in your attempts to keep your carpet clean but if any sort of biohazard material has come into contact with them, you will never be able to get them clean enough to walk over or lay upon ever again. They will need to be replaced immediately.

We hope this has helped you make that all-important decision for keeping your home looking beautiful while remaining healthy and safe to live in at all times. Carpets can be a great way to improve the appearance of your interior but not if they are a health hazard.

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