The Perfect Scandinavian-Inspired Interior Begins with Flooring and natural light

If you are planning to renovate your home in a Scandinavian style, you will probably already be aware that this will involve lots of pale colours designed to maximize the feeling of space in your property. It is important when you are considering adapting your home decoration design that you look at the amount of light that naturally enters your home. A Double Glazing in Gloucester company can help you if you are considering updating your current windows and want to allow as much natural light into your rooms as possible.

Blank Canvas

Pale grey or white wooden floors and white walls are the perfect blank canvas, and you can add some minimalist furniture and other decorative items for a personal feel. White walls are the perfect backdrop for artwork and photographs, and this creates a ‘gallery-like’ feeling that makes a real statement without feeling cluttered. To create a really open-plan airy feel, and to make the space feel as large as possible, paint any doors and window frames the same pale shade as the walls.

Floor First

When planning your design, start with the floors. The Scandinavian look cries out for wooden flooring, and the lighter the boards the better they will look. You could opt to paint your existing floorboards with a high-quality pale grey or white floor paint – a chalky finish is best, and for perfect results don’t forget to prime before painting. There are lots of laminates and vinyls on the market that imitate the effect of solid white floorboards, and many come in in highly realistic finishes. Well-laid grey laminate flooring is ideal for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. That being said, if you can afford to lay real wood flooring in your main living space, this is a great way to invest in your home. Real wood, knots and all, adds character to any property. For some Nordic inspiration, head to

Once you have chosen your perfect flooring and have painted your walls, it’s time to add some great accessories to really pull the space together.

Decorating Scandinavian-style doesn’t mean that bolder colours are prohibited: rather, it is a way of achieving the perfect blank canvas that you can then stamp your own personality on. Don’t be scared to add some bright throws or cushions, or perhaps a patterned rug. Soft lighting (low lamps and fairy lights are perfect) will add to the restful atmosphere of the room. And if your budget will stretch to a log-burner, this will really bring the space to life, particularly in the winter months.

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