Granite Is The Best For Outdoor Installations Why

Outdoor countertops have always given a luxury look to the balcony or patios. Granite can be used for the kitchen as countertops is a known fact. But now the trend is to use it in the open air. Outdoor bars and tables use this stone as a table top. It can withstand the extreme weather of nature. There is not much change in the stone due to the weather. There are many colors available in granite which can match with the outside decors. Rather than plain stone or concrete, this stone gives a net and elegant look to the whole place. Many Choices In Granite If a fire is to be used on the tabletop then granite is the safest. An inch of extra stone has to be installed to tolerate the heat. Yellow river granite is the best for the place next to the fireplace. The jet black granite is the best for the outside installation as it gives the best background to the party place. During spring if the stone is dirty it is better to clean it with mild soap. Bleach or abrasives may damage the stone surface. Though granite is sturdy it is better to use sealing for protecting it from any stains. Clean It When Exposed To Harsh Weather If the stone is exposed to direct sunlight it is better to cool down the surface by splashing some luke warm water. Do not use cold or chilled water on it as it may crack the stone. Washing the stone at least once in a day may keep the shine of the surface intact. If the granite has to be shifted then it is better to call skilled workers. If it is mishandled then the slab may take a crack which cannot be repaired. Granite has to be installed by skilled workers. Maintenance is very easy when this natural stone is installed. Types Of Granite There are many types of granite used for outdoor installation. Each has different color and veins.

Yellow river granite: This granite has colors of yellow, gold, gray and brown. Together these colors give a splendid look to the counter top. When put in the exterior the garden will surely match with the design of the granite. Monte Cristo granite: There are flowing patterns on a background of white. The patterns look very good when they are used as counter tops in the back yard or exteriors. It is perfect in between nature to give a natural look. Black Pearl Granite: This granite is dark black in color to give a perfect look for a counter top. It is not much costly too. There are small designs which segregate it from the traditional black stones found in nature. Blue, green, gray and silver are the little tint of color found in the black background. When used in the exteriors it gives a neutral shade. It looks clean easily with just a simple wash. These stones are popular in commercial outdoors. Verde Fusion granite: This stone is mostly from India. There are colors like green, black, and cream on the stone. The design is best suited for nature outside. This is recommended especially for snow frequent regions. Silver Creek Granite: This natural stone has gray tone. There are light and dark colors running on the surface. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Many commercial builders use this stone to get a perfect look in the exteriors. It is perfect for the outdoor counter tops. The look of the exteriors changes completely after using granite. Any variety of it gives an elegant look to the surrounding place. The maintenance is another factor which attracts the house owner. Very little expenses are associated with the maintenance. Once it is cleaned there is no problem of maintenance as it is completely natural. A small scrub gives the shine on the surface. Each time it is cleaned, the surface looks very new. Granite is such a stone where the stone gets polished each time it is cleaned. The surface gets the shine just by wiping it. The maintenance is very cheaper and easier. The exterior gets a special look with this stone in the middle. The color of the stone can be selected to match the background and budget.

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