Tips For Cleaning Your Air Conditioner In The Spring

Your air conditioning unit is an integral part of your home, and it is in the best interest of everyone living there to ensure that it is working perfectly all year long. It is hard to imagine being forced to put up with the summer heat just because your ac system is not working correctly. When spring comes, it offers you an excellent opportunity to declutter, organize and clean all the parts of your home. When you schedule for such cleaning days, do not forget about your ac system as the little things you do could go a long way to ensure that your system offers you the best service for a long time. Cleaning your ac will help with the transition so that it is in excellent condition when summer finally comes. Read on and find out more from;

Clean Your Filter

The air filter is an integral part of the ac system as it is responsible for keeping all the other components clean. The filter specifically keeps the ductwork clean and improves the quality of air inside your home by trapping any particles in the air. This is particularly important if you live in an area with dust and other allergens. Depending on the area you live in, it is recommended that you replace the filter when you conduct your routine spring cleaning. This is good to ensure that your ac system operates at peak efficiency. However, you do not need to do this if you are using a washable filter. These types of filters are better since you can just remove and clean them during these peak periods and then replace it after several years. Do not allow your filter to get clogged and it is advisable to check it at least once a month even after Spring goes as it could make your system struggle to keep your home fresh and offer you clean air.

Do Not Keep Your Windows Open For Long

It is common to see people opening their windows and doors during spring to allow the fresh air to get in. Well, this is not bad but the air you are letting in may not be very fresh as you think. Opening your windows and doors allows allergens as well to find their way into your home and this is bad for people who suffer from allergies and conditions such as asthma. These allergens and other pollutants such as dust get trapped in your air conditioner’s filter, and this reduces its efficiency. Keep your doors and windows open for a limited time so that your system does not have to struggle to keep your home cool.

Test Your System

The end of spring marks the onset of summer, and this is the time that you will need your air conditioner more. When doing all your regular spring maintenance tasks, ensure that you test your system at the end of it all to ensure that it is working correctly. You can replace the filter but find that the accumulated dust affected the way another component works, thus reducing the efficiency of your system. If you do all your cleaning and see that the system is not working to its capacity, do not hesitate to have a professional come over and do the necessary checks. It is better to deal with all the issues surrounding your system during this time rather than wait for it to break down when the summer temperatures are high.

Buy An Air Purifier

Your air conditioner has a filter that keeps the air in your home clean, but you should consider getting an air purifier as well this spring. This device helps to improve the quality of air inside your home by eliminating all the allergens and pollutants in your house. You can come across several air purifiers on sale and analyze all the options well before selecting one. Your air conditioner system can work better if you relieve it off the stress of keeping the indoor air clean. Since air purifiers are specialized to clear all the allergens, your ac system will have very little work to do concerning the quality of air, and this will help it operate at peak efficiency. You will also have less cleaning to do in the future.

Clear The Drain

The drain is an essential part of your system, and you need to ensure that it is clear as well. This part of the system gets clogged at times, and you can use a wire or anything to clear off all the things that may be blocking it. This should be done regularly as it could get extremely clogged after some time and even lead to flooding.

Clean The Exterior Unit

Your ac system can only work correctly if no things are covering it. Do not think that the operation of your exterior unit heavily relies on the internal components and clear all the debris, shrubs and cut pieces from the unit. If the surface is filled with dust, clear it and let the unit remain clean. Some of these things that fall on the unit can find their way into the internal components and thus affect the performance and condition of your unit over time.

Contact A Professional

There is a lot that you can do in spring to ensure that your system is set for summer but nothing beats what an expert can offer. If you find it hard to do some of the cleaning mentioned above, feel free to contact a professional in your area and have them do a routine maintenance check for you. Aside from the necessary cleaning, they have the expertise to check the technical part of your system and conduct repairs that will help to avert any further problems with your system.

When spring comes, do not waste the opportunity and do all you can to take care of your air conditioner system. Such small cleaning tasks and repairs are essential to keeping your ac system up and running correctly for the foreseeable future.

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