There’s nothing like the relief of an HVAC unit when the weather gets hard to handle. However, nobody likes having to face a huge energy bill each month. If you struggle with keeping your home temperature-controlled, you may be in need of window replacement. Getting new replacement windows in Richmond won’t just make your home look better and feel better. It could save you a lot of money over the years just by keeping out all those persistent drafts that render your HVAC unit totally useless. If you’re sick of cranking up the AC and never feeling a thing, or living in a drafty house that never seems to get warm, here are a few things you should know.

You’ll Save Money

You might imagine that the savings created by a set of new windows won’t even touch the amount of money you’ll spend on windows themselves. But if you’ve been trying to heat and cool a home that simply can’t keep drafts out, you’d be surprised by how quickly you’ll make up the investment. Energy bills add up, and keeping your home temperature-controlled is more difficult than you might think, especially if you’re dealing with outdated windows. Insulation and weatherproofing simply aren’t enough if your windows don’t have the tools to block out cold air and keep your home free of leaks and condensation buildup. Your new windows won’t just protect your home from the outside. They’ll help you use your AC and heating system more sparingly, leading to big savings in the long term.

Your Home Will Be Healthier

It’s not just about saving money. Your new windows should be thought of as a serious investment, just like a replacement roof or updated insulation in your walls. Your home might be made of sturdy stuff, but you’d be amazed by what a single bad winter can do to a home that’s already in poor shape due to inefficient or old windows. If your windows are single-pane models, there’s a reason you feel that damp chill every time a storm hits. There’s also a reason why the heat and mugginess of summer doesn’t just stay outside. It’s not just that your windows aren’t equipped to keep out drafts and protect you from the winter cold and summer heat. Single-paned windows also don’t have any way to fight against other destructive elements like UV rays. You don’t just want your windows to sit there, you want them to actually work to protect your property through the years. Your current, outdated windows aren’t doing your home any favors, and if you want to keep your space cool and dry, you need to upgrade as soon as you can.

You’ll Use Your HVAC System Less

If you really want to see savings, installing new double-paned windows will help you save hundreds in energy bills and, perhaps more importantly, projected thousands in preventative repair. When your home starts to weaken due to moisture, warping, and other weather-related damage, it’s going to come out of your pocket eventually. But what if you could prevent all that? Installing new windows will keep your walls and roof strong, and you won’t have to spend all your time and money blasting the AC or turning up the heat on a chilly day. New windows will do a lot of the hard work of protecting and preserving your home, no matter how bad the weather gets.

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