The Best Southern Décor Tips of All Time

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think about southern decor? Probably white columns and that classic wrap-around porch, right? However, there is a lot more to southern style than that. It is a place, just like those in movies, where you can leisurely sip your favorite sweet tea. It is a place where you stylishly entertain your friends and family members on the weekend. And, today, we will help you achieve this look and feel. If you want to decorate your home in a southern style, you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out some of the best southern decor tips of all time that will completely transform your entire home.

Mix the Old with the New 

Mixing old with the new may be the best way to create that southern feel in your home. Thus, find a way to balance your beloved antiques and heirlooms with the features of modern living. Do not be afraid to take control of your home and design something completely new. Check the internet for some ideas and use the thing you have in your home. Play around with different pieces, materials, and accents until you achieve that perfect balance. Bring out that worn-out furniture and those art collections and use them to anchor your modern-looking room.

Create Flow Between the Indoors and the Outdoors 

The year 2020 has thought us that outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor ones. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are blessed with big yards, patios, decks, or even balconies. So, following this southern decor tip may not be for everybody. However, if you are one of those lucky people who have an outdoor space, take advantage of it. If you live somewhere where it is mostly sunny, you can equip your outdoor space with some southern-style pieces of furniture. For instance, you can add upholstered chairs and ottomans, swings, rugs, big eating tables, etc. And, if you live somewhere where it is mostly cold, you can consider adding glass walls around your outdoor space and having a fireplace build in. Of course, this is a big remodeling project, but there are many ways to ensure an easy process if you have the time and money for it.

Add Personal Touches 

Southern style is all about feeling real, comfortable, and honest. So, if you want to decorate your home in a southern style, it is best to use things you already have in your home. Take out that old china collection set you got for your wedding and display it in some visible place. Add old paintings and photos of your family and friends on your blank walls. Spread that old rug you got from your grandparents onto your bare floors. Sharing something sentimental and personal can be a great way to decorate your modern-looking home, and thus, make it a southern-looking home. So, decorate with memories! Memories tell stories, and that is what southern style is all about.

Do Not Hesitate to Use Color Everywhere 

People who want to decorate their homes in a contemporary way usually stick to one color palette. But, people who want to decorate their home in a southern way, never stick to one color. Southern style is famous for mixing and matching colors. Colors are used as an accent, they are warming things up, and they are giving each room a little more personality. So, do not hesitate to mix and match colors. Paint your walls in a different color – yellow, for example, is very typical for the southern style. Then, add a bold carpet and match it with pillows and throws on your sofa. The possibilities are endless, so play around until you find something that suits your personal southern style.

Focus on the Details 

All southern homes have things like rounded staircases, tall ceilings, beautiful moldings on the walls, high-quality wood floors, etc. So, if you follow these rules you either have to completely remodel your current home or call Spyder Moving movers to relocate you to a home that is already equipped with all these things. But, who says that you have to follow them in order to have a southern-looking home. You do not have to have expensive wooden floors – repaint the ones you have in a dark color. You do not have to have big moldings on the walls – add wallpapers. Do not give up on your home as you can easily transform it into anything you like. Just be creative! And most importantly – focus on the details – they make all the difference.

Infuse Life With Plants 

Greens add life to everything. They match with all styles (southern style included) and fit perfectly into all rooms. Basically, all kinds of plants go together with the southern style. If you are uninspired, you can, for example, add a vase with flowers onto your coffee and dining tables. Or, you can put pots with plants in the corners of your rooms. Use any kinds of plants – big, small, green, colorful, etc. Palm trees also work great here. They will work even greater if you love traveling to the seaside. So, why not show your love for travel in your decor? Get yourself some indoor palm trees and put them in a pot that matches your antique pieces of furniture and those picture frames on your walls – another great southern decor tip!

Mix Textures, Patterns, and Styles 

Previously we mentioned that mixing colors works great when it comes to southern decor. That same thing applies to mixing textures, patterns, and styles. If you want to create that southern vibe, you should mix and match these on everything – walls, floors, furniture, and all sorts of knick-knacks you have in your home. If you have bland, neutral-looking areas in your home, playing with colors, textures, patterns, and styles will add interesting layers that will transform the entire room. Stay away from just one color or just one texture – that will make your room look staid and even sterile – that is one of the best southern decor tips of all time.

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