10 Privacy Screen Ideas for a Stylish Backyard

Imagine relaxing in your backyard only to notice your neighbors staring at you from their second-floor window. It’s not a situation you’d want to face, especially if you’ve just invested your time and energy into giving your garden a facelift. Thankfully, you can enjoy your backyard without any unwanted attention by installing privacy screens.

Now, you might wonder if you’ll sacrifice style for privacy by installing screens on your property. Fortunately, privacy screens can be flexible and chic, too! Here are 10 stylish privacy screens to choose from for your backyard.

10 Stylish Privacy Screens for Your Backyard

1.     Timber Slat Privacy Screens

Whether made of kempas or teak, timber slatted privacy screens can shield you from unwanted attention without blocking out breezes completely.

2.     Lattice Screens

The trademark criss-cross pattern of lattice privacy screens adds instant style to any backyard. These screens also cast interesting shadows on the lawn late in the afternoon. Leave them bare, or grow climbing vines on them for a soft, mystical forest aesthetic.

3.     Bamboo Privacy Screens

Sustainable, affordable, and durable  ̶what more could you ask for in a single screen? On top of that, bamboo privacy screens give off a tropical feel, so they’re perfect for backyard pool areas. They also come in several colors, from natural to gold to eye-catching black.

4.     Wattle Privacy Screens

Here’s a screen that DIY enthusiasts will enjoy! These privacy screens are woven from twigs, reeds, and branches for a handmade rustic look. They also let breezes pass through while hiding occupants from prying eyes. Plus, wattle privacy screens are generally light, so you can easily reposition them around your backyard.

5.     Garden Pots

Have some plants in large pots sitting around your garden? Line them up in your backyard for instant privacy. In case you don’t have large pots, tall galvanized metal tubs may also do the trick.

6.     Garden Walls

To build garden walls, arrange small plastic pots into rows, either by stringing them together or lining them up on a shelf. Aside from granting you privacy, these DIY screens help you make the most of your available space to grow flowers and herbs.

7.     Old Doors

A privacy screen made of repurposed doors will definitely catch the attention of your house guests. Try painting doors with different designs in the same solid color, or turning the screen into a sweeping mural.

8.     Wine Bottle Privacy Screens

Thread wine bottles onto steel bars, and you’ll have a privacy screen that brings a unique character to your backyard. Try placing it next to a screen made of old doors. Your backyard might be mistaken for a playful art exhibit!

9.     Old Wooden Shutter Screens

Give shutter screens a second life by brightening them up with fresh paint and bringing them into your backyard! Alternatively, you may use a worn-out shutter screen as is for a lovely vintage look.

10.      Mixed Materials

Who ever said privacy screens should only be made of one material? Combine wood and aluminum to complete a modern backyard, or pair up bamboo slats and glass bottles for some boho charm.

These 10 privacy screens are all as stylish as they are functional! Whichever one you choose, you can have a stunning backyard where you and your loved ones can unwind in privacy.

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