6 Top tips to prepare your lawn for winter

Winter is just around the corner and it is challenging for the plants as well and if you have not prepared your lawn to face the extreme cold, your lawn is bound to get bad and it might suffer as well. Therefore, the most important thing to do, before winter arrives is to do a properly planned preparation for the winter to protect your lawn.

But how to protect your lawn from winter?

Does it affect the plants so badly?

Well, not everywhere of course. But the places that face extreme cold weather with snowfall as well, the plants are most effected in those areas and some treatment is called to save them. Let us begin with our simple tips that can help the lawn across the globe in winter. You cannot expect the lush green lawn in the cold of the winter but if you took care of your landscape in the winter, it will come out fresh and you can ask Landscapers in queanbuyanto help you with that too.

  • Stop irrigating your land

Since there would not be anything left in your lawn in the winter, it is not wise to water your grass too much. If you are living in a comparatively warmer area, you could just lessen the number of times you water your grass. But if you are living in a cold place where it snows too, then you just have to stop watering it to prevent it from freezing in cold.

  • Let there be snow

Many people make the mistake of ploughing the grass once it gets snowed. The thing is, the snow works like an insulation that helps protect your grass from the bitter and crisp winter. So never plough your grass when it has snow. Let it stay there and it will eventually melt out itself. The land that you plough when there is snow on it, it will not grow any grass in the future seasons.

  • Prevent mosquitos

This is something that not many people know about the preparation of their lawns for the winter season. The mosquitos like to stay in the warm places and water. So walk around the lawn and check whether there are any stagnant water spots in the lawn. If there are any water spots in the lawn, then dry them up or fill them with something.

  • Prepare your compost

The winter season is the perfect time to prepare your compost for the spring. Just pile up all the things you want to add to your compost and try to cover it with the leaves so that it stays well inside. You need to add some more browns to your compost to make it perfect for the spring season.

  • Do not forget about the fertilizer

Fertilizer is the source of nutrition for your plants, so no matter they get wilted in the winter, you should not forget to add fertilizer to your lawn. Add a good percentage of all the nutrients to it.

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