Best ways to use wool blankets for your home decor

The little details are the ones that usually make a difference when it comes to interior design. Making sure that even the little details fit into the grand scheme of the design is a sign that you really know what you are doing in terms of decor. In order to make your interior look really nice, you don’t really need expensive or very sophisticated accessories. All you need is a bit of creativity and attention to detail. One great accessory to use is the wool blanket. It allows you to experiment with different patterns, color accents, and textures, while also adding more comfort.

Bed warmers

Using a wool blanket as a bed warmer is one of its most popular uses. No wonder! The soft texture and the warmth considerably add to that cozy feeling when you curl up in bed. To have the ultimate cozy experience, you need a blanket made of really soft and breathable wool. Irish merino wool definitely checks these boxes, so if you need Irish blankets made of merino wool, you can find them online. Apart from the comfort they provide, wool blankets are also a great way to add some interesting color accents to your bedroom decor. Choose a pastel color if you want to soften the decor a bit or add stronger colors for a bit of contrast.

Couch covers

Another fairly popular way to use wool blankets is as couch or armchair covers. Sofas and armchairs are expensive, so there is no point in styling them with expensive accessories when you can add something comfortable, less expensive, and very chic. Just choose a wool blanket with a color scheme and patterns that match the overall design of the room and you will get yourself the perfect sofa accessory. You could also throw a blanket over an armchair to give it the look of a studious environment.

A cozy and practical decorative item

Practically speaking, wool blankets are mostly used as warmers. They’re great companions when you want to curl up in bed or on the couch to read a book or watch a movie. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stash them away in the cupboard whenever you don’t use them. You should really show off those beautiful colors and patterns. You can just put it on the arm of a chair or you can throw it over a seat. If you are going for a homely and cozy aesthetic with your interior decor, wool blankets will do a great job at creating that image. You could also fold them nicely and put them on a coffee table, for example. If it’s a large room where the temperature fluctuates, this will not only be a beautiful decorative accent, but also a very practical item. Whenever you, a guest, or a family member sit down at the table for a cup of coffee, the blanket will lie there for you to grab and warm yourself up!

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