Do Not Ignore These 4 Strange Smells in Your Home

Our nose is the most sensitive among our six senses. Our sense of smell is more responsive to odours than the majority of sophisticated scientific equipment. Modern-day homes are a lot complex. They have intricate gas connection and plumbing systems. Since they are hidden inside the floors and walls of our household, we can barely notice if some issues are developing inside them. That is why homeowners need to have an annual gas and plumbing inspection.

A gas plumbing Sydney professional can do the inspection to make sure that all your systems are working properly. They can also identify potential issues that need urgent attention to prevent bigger problems. Besides the inspection, household members should be wary of any signs of dangers inside their homes. As such, do not ignore these 4 strange smells in your home.

A gas smell inside the house

Our homes are commonly powered by natural gas running within our gas plumbing system. Natural gases are odourless. In most cases, when a gas pipe breaks, cracks, or leaks, organic gases enter the pipes. An organic gas called “mercaptan” mixes with natural gas and emits the smell of a rotten egg. If you notice this gassy smell inside your house, it is a sign of a gas leak. There is a risk that the gas leak can cause an explosion or fire. To prevent this, avoid using appliances in your house. Don’t use the landline phone as they can cause a spark. Leave the house immediately and call a gas plumbing in Sydney to quickly address the issue.

A gross smell inside the bathroom

If your bathroom smells like a waste plant treatment, there is a great possibility that you have a sewer leak. This means that wastewater that contains harmful gases backs up from the main sewer or stays within the bathroom fixtures. Sewer gases like hydrogen sulphide can cause eye irritation and unconsciousness. Methane can result in asphyxiation. Immediately calling a gas plumbing in Sydney can help you resolve such an issue and prevent a sewer backup to result in bigger damages.

A musty smell inside the house

Moulds are types of fungi that live in dark, damp, and moist areas. Oftentimes, they form beneath basement floors, bathroom walls, ceilings, or inside the pipes. A small break or crack inside the pipes of your plumbing system can be a doorway for moulds to enter and build-up inside. As they multiply fast, they can damage the pipes and cause a bigger break or crack resulting in leaks. Moulds generally don’t have a strong smell. But when there’s a leak in the pipe, their spores emit a musty smell like that of earthy meat, rotten wood, or wet socks. The danger of being exposed to moulds is the risk of developing allergies, asthma, and other respiratory health problems. So, once you notice a musty smell inside your house, it may be best to call gas plumbing in Sydney. With the complete tools, they can locate if there’s a mould formation in your plumbing system and completely eradicate them.

A smoke-like smell in the house

Once in a while, you may notice a fishy or smoke-like smell inside the household. When this happens, you need to be very observant and wary. Chances are, some appliances are overheating or there’s a problem with your electrical wirings. The fishy smell is a sign that plastic or rubber is melting. This is very dangerous as it could cause a fire. The safest step you can do is to switch off your circuit breaker. You can immediately call an electrician or a gas plumbing in Sydney to possibly address the issue.

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