Wrought iron gates are elements that fit perfectly for both wrought-iron fences and prefabricated concrete panels. Forged iron is classified as the best material used for various exterior decorations. Therefore, forged iron gates are robust and have a great look, benefiting from a wide range of models.

They have a long life span, provided they are properly cared for with regular maintenance. They require periodic priming and painting to preserve their properties and appearance.

Regarding the cost of the wrought iron fencing, those made of rectangular pipes are more affordable than galvanized models that have a higher rate, close to those of aluminum.

The cost of such gates varies depending on the manufacturer, and the prefabricated ones, which you can find in any specialized store, can cost up to 2500 lei – large gates – and up to 1000 lei – small gates – depending on model and size.


  • accessible price;
  • increased resistance;
  • long life;
  • great aspect.

Their most significant disadvantage lies in their maintenance. They need special support, and this maintenance consists of applying an anticorrosive treatment to at least two years.

Wooden doors

Wooden gates are associated with the classic and rustic style. So if for the construction of the fence you have chosen wood as the material then the most suitable gate is the wooden one.

Typically, a wooden gate is built on a metallic structure and is ideal for all types of dwellings, and is made of a material that is never demodulated.

The price of such a gate varies depending on the company running the work. Usually, a wooden door can start from several hundreds of lei, reaching up to several thousand lei, depending on the complexity and the chosen model.


  • fast woodworking;
  • high durability;
  • time resistance;
  • the possibility of wood re-use;
  • the possibility of combining wood with metal or concrete;

The biggest drawback of this type of gate lies in the reaction of wood to weather conditions. Therefore, the wood must be properly maintained and treated. Read here.

The wooden fence – we dye it all, but we rarely think of decorating it to fill the garden or courtyard atmosphere. Often a personalized painting or decoration can completely transform the space. If you want to know how to paint the classic wooden fence creatively, read the article below.

Whether you want to provide a first air fence or want to integrate it into the garden better, you can do it regardless of its size. You only need imagination, time and some tools and supplies.

How can you decorate a simple wooden fence?

From rustic pots or glass jars to paintings or vintage decorations, you can use things that inspire you to turn any fence into an artwork to your liking.

Depending on the available space and the size of the fence, we have prepared a list of decorations that you can easily do.

You can build support for aromatic plants from wood that you can catch directly on the fence. You only need a few pieces of wood from which to make the yard, which you then pick with nails.

The best way to personalize your fence is to paint it yourself. You can paint patterns or simple shapes that complement the decor of the yard, or why not, even your favorite quote.

Suggestion: Cut out a cardboard template and use a painted gun to create a perfect design.

A practical and creative idea is to make a writing board that you can catch directly on the fence. You need wood for the sheet and frame, special paint, and a drill set and screwdriver will help you pick the wall.

A simple way to decorate your fence is with wooden frames. You can choose several frames of different sizes, which you can paint in one color and get them on the nail fence. Then you can attach flower pots to the center or light tubes outdoors for a special effect.

Tip: You can use a stapler to grab the light tube frame before attaching it to the fence.

From wooden pots to recycled materials or glass, you can catch a fence with a hook and a few nails, flower pots or flowering plants.


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