Home Improvement: Revitalizing the Wood in Your Home

When it comes to home improvement projects, few tasks are as easy and impactful as revitalizing the wood surfaces in and around your home. Fresh wood cabinets, furniture, and fences can make your home seem new, modern, and updated. The best part is that with a little wood stain it is easy to update just about any wood surface you want. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways Wood stains can be used to breathe new life into your home:

Wood Cabinets

Cabinets take up the most room in a kitchen and have the biggest impact on the space. Because of this, old, shabby, or out-of-date cabinets can make your kitchen feel grungy and dreary. Unfortunately, cabinets can be incredibly expensive to replace. Sometimes you can paint them to update the look, but if you want a sleek, modern feel the best thing to do is to stain wood cabinets a new color. This is easy to do, though it can be time-consuming if you have a big kitchen. Simply strip the paint, sand down any imperfections, apply the stain, and let dry! You may need a few coats of stain to get the color you want, but it will be worth it when you end up with a kitchen that looks brand-new and expensive without breaking the bank!


Re-staining furniture can rescue old pieces, breathe new life into broken down or damaged ones, and can let you customize the look of your furniture without buying new pieces. If you decide to update a room in your house you may find that your old furniture no longer matches the color or style you now have. By using wood stain to adjust the color of your furniture pieces you can maintain cohesion and style without having to buy new furniture! This will especially save you money when it comes to older, solid-wood pieces as those can be expensive to replace. If some of your wood furniture is damaged or stained it is important to fix this first before applying your new stain to achieve that perfect, harmonious feel for your updated room.


Evaluating your fence is an important step when looking at home improvement projects. The state of your wood fence will greatly influence the way your neighbors perceive your house as they pass by. An old, peeling, run-down fence will lower the perceived value of your entire property. In contrast, a newly-stained fence will give your house and yard instant curb appeal and will elevate the overall look of your home. Staining a fence is also relatively easy, just be sure to clean and sand thoroughly before applying the stain. This will let the stain soak into the wood properly without getting any dirt trapped in it. Also, make sure there is good weather in the forecast for a few days. Each coat of stain you apply will need time to set, which won’t mix well with rain!

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