How to Get Rid of Common House Pests

Almost every other homestead finds itself struggling with the issue of unwanted guests. These guests are mainly in the form of pests. These pests find their way into your home in several ways, among them, the little dirt on the floor or the crack left unrepaired.

Eliminating these pests can be difficult, especially when they have multiplied to large numbers. It even becomes trickier when you have to use chemicals as a control measure while there are children and pets in the home. To avoid this mess, take preventive measures early enough.

Keep reading to understand how to get rid of common house pests.

Begin with Personal and Home Hygiene

When have you noticed a single fly in a clean environment? This is a rare scenario, which means your levels of cleanliness will determine the presence or absence of pests in your home. The kitchen area is the most critical since it gets littered very fast.

In most cases, you will be tempted to leave your bin unattended for days. As long as this occurs, it will be hard to stave off insects such as flies and cockroaches. The dirty environment you create with these litter will provide a suitable environment for their breeding.

The gestation period of insects is usually small, meaning they will be seen in high numbers within a short time. After a few days, there will be roaches all over the place. Keep the kitchen area clean and maintain high levels of personal hygiene.

Use Pesticides

Pesticides mostly come if the pests inside your house reached the breeding stage without you noticing. The increased numbers mean that there has to be a lethal way of eradicating them.

Pests such as the ants are so notorious that they will find their way to your precious furniture. Before things become thick, unleash the ant killer immediately. These are specialized chemicals that kill ants and create unpleasant smells that keep away those that were going to invade your space.

Aside from the ants, cockroaches should be a cause of worry. Roaches are known to harbor large numbers of microorganisms due to the many areas that they reside. These same insects should never be spared whenever there is a pest crackdown.

The same way these chemicals kills the pests means they can harm you as well. As such, you should have the right protective gear while spraying. Always ensure that the pets and children are at a safe distance while spraying.

Have a Pet in Your Home

A dog, in this case, will not be as helpful as a cat. Very often, you will notice small insects crisscrossing through your pathways. This wouldn’t be the case if you had a cat in your home.

Cats are known for hunting these small creatures. While the cat is meeting the needs of its stomach, you will be the biggest beneficiary in that there will be no more unwanted visitors in your house.

Use Traps

Isn’t it funny that some of the rats and mice in your home are bigger than your cat? In such cases, they will scare the cat away, meaning they will continue to rule your house. The best remedy for this is a reliable mousetrap. This specialized equipment comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Be sure that the trap you take to your home is equivalent to the size of rodents in your home. Unfortunately, some of the rodents that happen to escape a previous trap are hard to capture. However, the secret is in food. Place something that they like in a strategic place within the trap.

The positioning of the trap should be strategic for easy capture. However, keep it away from pets and children play area, or else you will end up with the wrong catch.

Employ Physical Means

Why do you have to buy a chemical yet these insects perish when hit just once. It may look weird before you try, but as soon as you do it, there will be no turning back.

If anything, even the chemicals and cats don’t give them a second chance. That small spider that you let sit comfortably on the wall will soon mature and give rise to more spiders. Within no time, there will be an explosion of spiders in your home.

The spider scenario explained above is what happens to all the notorious insects in your house. It is thus advisable that the moment you spot one, hit it hard to its death.

Stay Away from Indoor Plants

Some will argue that green plants are a perfect way of enhancing the beauty of your house. While few disagree with this, it is good to recognize the fact that these plants have a negative side too.

The main challenge comes in where you have to add in water since the plants can hardly survive when there is no enough water. This water creates a suitable environment for the survival of gnats. Although beauty is right, you, at times, have to make compromises if you want to get rid of these gnats.

Install Insect Trapping Lighting Systems

Insects are attracted by light, especially which has anything to do with UV. The UV output will be crucial in leading insects into the traps. Others will use blue or green light as they also capture the attention of the insects.

You will find other people using yellow and red lights to attract. This is a waste of time and resources since these colors appear to be dull to the insects. If you have to use an alternative, then it has to be white. However, it is always good to stick to UV since the attractiveness that comes with it doesn’t give the insects a second thought.

Spiders, rats, and roaches are among the common pests found in your home. Poor hygiene is the dominant factor in their existence in your home. If you have to deal with them, do it with the right procedures and chemicals.

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