Is your basement leaking? Here is what you need to do next

Water in the basement is a common problem. You may notice an uncomfortable humidity or musty smell keeping you away from your basement. It is quite common for people to experience it. Fortunately, the issues can be resolved.

Causes of water in the basement:

There are some reasons why you may find water in your basement. One of the most common one is a heavy rainfall that oozes in through the foundation of the house.

Soil around the foundation can absorb water, create pressure and cause cracks through which the water can leak. The type of soil your home is constructed on can reveal how quick this process will occur.

Window wells are also an entrance for rainwater. If the well hasn’t been installed properly, water will leak into your basement.

Clogged gutters can also lead to water leakage. If the gutters overflow during a rain, the water can pool up around the foundation, buildup pressure and cause possible cracks.

Leaky basement… now what?

So, if now the worst is in front of you, there is a need to act fast. Damage to your basement means damage to your house’s foundation.

Secure your belongings

Usually people store clothes, pictures and other things in their basement. But the water inside can damage your belongings. Persistent dampness can promote the breeding of mold and mildew. Hence, you should remove your stuff immediately. If the weather is fine, then put them in the sun to dry efficiently.

How to get rid of water leaks?

Once you have noticed leaky basement, it’s time to work on it. You have different methods depending on your personal preferences and your basement requirements. You should work in collaboration with a basement contractor to decide on which method fits the best. Proper installation and management is important to keep your basement dry for decades.

Sump pump

One of the best ways to get rid of water in the basement is installation of a sump pump. It can be installed in the basement along with a sump pit. Any water collected in the pit is pumped out, securing your basement. While a sump pump is considered good for water removal, it will not stop water from entering into it. Hence, it can just remove water, and not get rid of the water leaks.

Gutter revival

You can add gutter extensions. The method works great if your downspouts shoot water lower than 5ft. from your house. Make sure the rainwater flows away from your house and a gutter extension channelizes the path.


Installing a French drain might help. It includes digging a ditch and filling it with gravel and a pipe to divert water away from the house. They are equivalent to gutter extensions. Different combinations of drains, pumps and gutter extensions can help you get rid of a leaky basement.


If you are constantly experiencing the leaky basement problem, then you should waterproof the space. It consists of installing a sealer liner to the floor and walls of your basement. Other than that, you can also go for exterior waterproofing. Though it adds to your basement leak repair cost, but the process will make your basement dry for decades.

Hire the professionals

A leaky basement doesn’t just affect your house but your health too. Hence, to avoid making the matter worse, you should be ready to bear the basement leak repair cost and get it treated as soon as possible. With decades of experience, we at Waterproofing PD offer you the best basement leak repair services at highly reasonable prices.

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