Science Behind Touch Sensitive Lamps

Touch-sensitive lamps is a newly designed lamp. They are more reliable and are pretty popular nowadays. Many companies offer the  best touch lamps. It is not a surprise that such lamps are made but it is often a question in the back of the user’s mind, just how these works.

The human body is the reason why the touch-sensitive switches are flipped on and off. Why and how this work is below:

  • Resistance: It is a known fact that the human body is made of 70% of water. So, when we touch the surface of the lamp, the circuit is completed because our body conducts electricity very well.
  • Temperature: The lamps normally work because our body is generally warmer than the atmosphere outside. The lamps usually have technology that uses the human heat to turn the lamp on.
  • Capacitance: It is the science behind touch-sensitive lamps that they require a charge of an electron to work and our body, when we touch the lamp, fills that charge and the lamp turn on.

Other than the science behind these lamps. The many other reasons why people nowadays choose these lamps is because they are user friendly and easy to install. You don’t have to stumble around in the dark trying to find the small switch to turn the lights on. It is as simple as a single touch.

Other than the friendly use, the lamps are stylish and very unique in design. These lamps are available in many shapes and sizes in the market. Every color is available. Every style and your style are ready for you to purchase. Just search for the lamps online and search through the touch lamp reviews to find the best for yourself.

Another reason why these lamps are gaining popularity with rapid speed is the bedside touch lamps are not only stylish in design but are very good for general use. To simply state, one doesn’t have to get out of bed to turn it on or off. Other than that, most lamps have a 3-4 lightning setting where you can select the level of light.

These lamps use LED bulb or something similar to that. They are very reliable and work for a long time while other lamp bulbs fuse more often than not.

Most people when purchasing these lamps look for certain features which include:

  • Lighting: What type of light does the lamp give off? It is very important to know to find the best lamp for one’s place. Whether the light is yellowish or white-ish. Whether the pattern on the lamp is changing the color of the light or not?
  • Quality: The lamp has to be of good quality, has to be reliable and long-lasting.
  • Elegance: the style of the lamp fits the aesthetic of the room? Though most people use stylish and chic lamps other might require soft and cute while some might even look for lamps with a professional kick to them.

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