The right plumber for the right job for you

A plumbing supply list isn’t just a collection of tools that a repairman needs. To maintain your home, you must have some of these items ready. It doesn’t matter if you are the most skilled person in the world who can do your own repairs or the least technical mind, there are a few devices that should be in every person’s toolbox.

Hand drill

A hand auger is an important piece of equipment that should be in every home. This tool is used to unclog pipes, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. You shouldn’t have to call a plumber to unclog a toilet that has stopped. Plungers don’t always work. Usually, a hand auger will be used to maintain your pipes.


Keys are another very important tool to keep in your toolbox. You don’t need just one type of key, either. Hinges, screws, and nuts come in various sizes, so keys must be in their box.


A hacksaw is another important piece of equipment to have in your box. If you have a sturdy nut or bolt that cannot be easily removed, you can see the bolt in two and then replace it after repairs are made. A hacksaw is also useful for cutting another useful supply of pipe, PVC pipe.

Propane torch

Propane torches are also an excellent plumbing supply to keep on hand. This device is useful for copper fittings and repair pipes. If you don’t want a big hassle, you need to make sure you buy one that is self-igniting.

Repair kits

The last supply of plumbing that you mustbe in your toolbox happens to be repair kits. These kits use to be sold at blackhawksupply companyand use to becheap to purchase. A toilet repair kit has the basic parts needed to replace the interior of your toilet. Sink kits have nuts, bolts, and washers to fix a leaky faucet. Having them on hand will save you from having to run out and get one, while the water could damage your home.

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