Top Sustainable Home Building Ideas for Your Next Home

Did you know Venus may have been an Earth-like planet billions of years ago? But it was transformed into the hellish place it is today due to a runaway greenhouse effect. This is an example of what may happen if we don’t take care of our planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Earth is on the verge of a similar runaway greenhouse effect—global warming.

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce global warming is building a sustainable, eco-friendly home. Plus, a green home can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. So, here are some ways you can build a sustainable home.

Use Energy Efficient Equipment

You may have already seen the ENERGY STAR labels on various electronics. These labels signify that the appliance is energy efficient without compromising on performance. Since they consume less energy, they can bring down your energy bills significantly, too. Next time you buy a new appliance for your home, look for the ones that come with an ENERGY STAR label.

Install Solar Panels

Did you know that the Earth receives enough solar energy every hour to meet humanity’s energy demands for an entire year? Solar energy is endless, and it is the cleanest source of energy. By harvesting solar energy and storing it in your home battery, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption from your local grid. This will reduce your carbon footprint by a massive margin while saving you thousands of dollars in energy bills every month. Plus, the government often grants incentives and tax benefits if you have solar panels at your home.

Use Proper Insulation

Your home’s heating and cooling systems consume as much as 50% of your home’s energy. This can be quite expensive, not just for your pocket but also for the environment. The best way to reduce their energy consumption is by using proper insulation for your home. The right kind of insulation ensures minimal heat or cold transfer from indoors to outdoors, which will, in turn, reduce the load on your HVAC system.

Light Your Home with LEDs

Conventional incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy and often last only for a few months. But, LEDs consume 75% less energy than conventional bulbs while lasting almost zero maintenance for over a decade. Plus, they are versatile, come in various colors, and are much safer as they don’t heat up like traditional bulbs. This makes LEDs the most eco-friendly lighting option for your new home.

Maintain an Efficient Landscape

Landscape’s only functions are not to make your property look appealing and provide you with a space to relax. But it can also help you reduce your energy bills if you use them the right way. How? If you have shady landscaping, it can protect your home from direct sunlight during the summer months. It will allow more sunlight to reach your home during the winter months, depending on your landscape layout. This can significantly reduce the load on your HVAC systems, bringing down their energy consumption.

Build with Sustainable Materials

If you want to build a sustainable home, you should not forget to use eco-friendly materials. If possible, you should avoid using concrete as it is quite bad for the environment. Next, you should choose modular construction as it is more sustainable. You should also use materials such as recycled plastic or glass, reclaimed lumber, bamboo, cork, or other renewable or organic materials to bring down your home’s carbon footprint even further.

People often think going green is expensive, but it need not be. Strategic planning can actually make building an eco-friendly home cheaper. There are so many ways to build a sustainable home, so don’t hesitate. Build your dream home that sustains not only you but also the planet.

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