Fitted Wardrobes and Other Improvement Ideas That Increase Home Value

Most modern bedroom interiors today feature fitted wardrobes because of the sleek and flexible appearance. These closets are also practical because they can fill up awkward spots and make them functional storage spaces. Another reason why many homeowners prefer fitted closets is that they tend to be high-quality additions that can potentially increase the value of a home. Indeed, the investment will pay off, especially if you’re planning to put the house on the market.

How does a fitted wardrobe increase the value of your home?

When a potential buyer views a home for the first time, the realtor often focuses on specific aspects that will allow the buyer to envision themselves living in the property. And what a fitted wardrobe does is make the house look less cluttered and claustrophobic. Most sites, like, recommend installing closets that maximise the room’s shape and layout. This way, even awkward areas are converted into storage. Many home buyers today find spacious rooms and extra storage space quite attractive, especially if you’re selling to a growing family.

Let’s take a look at the other reasons why fitted wardrobes can increase the value of any home.

  • High-quality furniture. If the fitted closet is made of the highest-quality materials, it’s sure to look elegant and luxurious. The appeal of investing in a well fitted closet will resonate throughout the entire property and create a good impression for anyone interested in buying.
  • Maximise space and minimise clutter. A fitted wardrobe sits tightly against the wall, thus maximising the floor space of any room. Since the storage space looks as if it’s already part of the wall, it won’t take up the area needed for furniture and other accessories. Bedrooms also look less cluttered with a fitted bedroom than standalone cabinets or closets.
  • Customisable and unique. Homebuyers like to envision how they will decorate the space once they end up purchasing a property. The good thing about installing a fitted closet is that it’s easy for anyone to think about ways to personalise the space when there’s plenty of storage available.

Lastly, fitted wardrobes are easy to maintain and clean. Since there are different styles to choose from, it’s an excellent investment for any homeowner. Depending on the material and design, the cost is manageable. Most importantly, the investment will pay off because it makes your house look more modern and appealing.

Additional ideas that will increase your home’s value

If you’re looking for the most practical way to add value to your home, fitted wardrobes are the way to go. But aside from upgrading storage space, there are a couple of other ideas you can consider. First, you can convert the attic or loft into a living space. If you don’t have an attic, you can do the same with a basement. A well-renovated attic or basement makes a home more desirable. It can be used as an extra room, an office, or a separate living space to be rented out.

The value of a home can increase based on many factors. Simple additions like fitted storage and closets make any house look more modern and luxurious. With these recommendations, perhaps you’ll be able to choose the next home improvement idea for your house.

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