How to make sure that the drain of your basement is working fine?

If you have a basement in the house, you would be aware of the several benefits that it has to offer to you and all the other residents of the house. but it is not unusual to face issues with having a basement in the house. The most common of the issues that you would hear about a basement is regarding water accumulation and clogged drains. The proper waterproofing is therefore something very much important for the proper functioning basement. If there is proper waterproofing done to the interior of the building, it would be able to fight the water coming from outside and the water would not be able to reach the inside of the house.

The basement floor drain plays a very important role in keeping the basement of your house clear of the water. It is the drain that makes sure there is no water accumulated in the basement. And to make sure that this drain is working properly, you need to keep it unclogged.

There can be plenty of reasons for a drain to get clogged and these include the accumulation of hair from humans and pets, the dust and debris getting stuck to the drain, making it hard for the water to flow through the drain.

If you have a clogged drain, there is no need to worry because you can unclog it easily, and here are how you can do so.

  • Remove the top cover of the clogged drain of water by using a screwdriver. You will have to clear all the debris from above it to reach the screw.
  • Now open the drain and after wearing the gloves, reach inside it and pull off all the solid debris that is blocking the passage of the drain.
  • Use boiling water to open the passage of the drain and check when it starts going smoothly.
  • Now make use of the bathroom plunger to get rid of any residual debris in the drain.
  • If you still feel it is clogged, then make use of the baking soda and vinegar, pour it into the drain and it would open for sure.

If you are facing some kind of issues with the waterproofing or the drain of the basement, you can hire the services of any of the reliable names in the basement finishing Denver and ask them to visit your property and clear the issues.

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