Types of Security Screen Doors 

When a property owner is trying to decide the type of security screen door to install, things can be pretty confusing. It seems like there are a ton of security screen doors los angeles ca because many manufacturers name their doors a variety of names. However, there are four types of screen security doors. Yes, that’s it. Just four.

Single Screen Security Doors: The Basic Door

The single screen security doors are the most common and basic of all of the door types. Contrary to what many people believe, there’s nothing basic about the design of these doors. They are available in a variety of designs. The look of the doors is just one single pane of glass in the frame. These doors are customizable. This means an individual can design the door to look uniquely different from the single security doors on the market.

Double Security Screen Doors: The Perfect Fit for Two Doors

Double security screen doors are installed over a double front door, French doors or sliding glass doors. They offer twice the security of just having the original doors. Double security screen doors are constructed of two doors. One door is the main door. The second door can be opened or remained closed. These doors are similar to single security screen doors because they are available in a variety of designs and styles. The designs often include an elaborate medallion and floral design of a simple vertical bar style.

Mesh Security Screen Doors: The Illusion of Openness

OK, it’s LA. The idea of securing a property doesn’t look appealing from the curb with block windows and/or some mental style. For those looking for a little more illusion of securing property, mesh doors may be the best option. Mesh security screen doors are not constructed with regular mesh, aluminum or fabric. Instead, these doors are made of mesh made of steel. This means it can’t be kicked in or ripped. Also, some of the mesh security screen doors have removable glass panels. This allows a homeowner to remove the panels to obtain some fresh air without compromising security. The feature also keeps out bugs and other pests.

Laser Security Screen Doors: Created with Laser Cutting Technology

No, laser doors are from some sci-fi movie. Instead, they are constructed from laser cut steel technology. The doors are created from a pre-existing template or template designed by the company that makes the steel used on the doors’ construction. These doors are available in a variety of styles such as single and double door styles.

Choosing a Security Screen Door for a Home

Now that the security screen door options were narrowed to four, a person has a better idea of what they want. Whether a person chooses a mesh door, a single door or a double door, it’s an option to choose a combination of those types in one door. This provides a better option to understand more about screen doors that are for security purposes.

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