Why do the trees get stressed? How to cope with the stressed trees?

Did you ever wonder that the trees in the forests and mountains survive for hundreds of years while the trees in the cities and towns hardly cover decades? What is the reason for it? It is a common misconception that the trees get dead because of the insects and bugs affecting them, but this is not the case because other factors affect the trees, and they get stressed.

Yes, you read that right. The trees so get stressed, and they die. The companies like tree removal Savannah GA are often found getting rid of such dead trees from the towns. But the question is, what causes a tree to get stressed and how to get rid of it?

How does a tree get stressed?

The answer would be more surprising than the question because the human factors are responsible for stressing out a tree, and it can get dead due to them. Many environmental factors contribute to the stress in a tree, and here we will describe a few.

  • Improper plantation of the tree
  • watering too much
  • watering too little
  • soil compaction
  • exposure to road salt and pollution
  • construction near roots

These factors are often combined that give rise to the trees’ stress and make them get dead. So if you have some trees on your property and some of these factors, the chances are that the tree will fail soon.

What to do to the trees in stress?

If you want your trees not to get stressed, then the best thing to do is to prevent it as much as you can. There are a few things that you can do to avoid the trees in your yard to get stressed, and they include:

  • proper planting
  • watering
  • pruning

other than this, you should keep a check on the status of the trees. If you find any of the following signs in your trees, it means they need help, and you can contact the professional tree services providers to get rid of them. Let us take a look at the factors that include in the stressful trees.

  • Fading of the color of the canopy
  • Dying branches and bunches
  • Falling of too many leaves from the tree
  • Cracks and splits in the tree trunk, indicating decay in it
  • The sudden leaning of the trees, for example, like leaning after a storm.
  • Observing fall colors in the yard entirely before fall
  • Plenty of wilting leaves and brown leaves on the tree
  • Discoloration in the leaves and spotting in the leaves
  • Growth of mushroom near the base of the tree

These are the everyday things that lead to a stressed tree in your yard. So if you are fond of a lovely yard, keep a check on how things are going on in it. And if you find it challenging to do so, you can hire the services of professional landscapers and tree service providers to schedule regular checkups of your garden.

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