Pest Control for Your Properties Can Alleviate Multiple Invasive Species for a Comfortable Home Environment

You’ve done it, finally achieving your goal of becoming a homeowner. You have made a beautiful place on the globe that you can call your own, and lovingly placed all of your family’s photos on the shelves. You have the quilted throw draped across the lazy boy, and doilies on the end tables. Then it happens; a nasty intruder invading your space carrying luggage, one hundred and fifty-two future children, and his lady. The poor guy doesn’t know he will soon leave this earth and she will be a widow. I’m talking about the black widow, of course. Lazily strolling across your doily, her bulbous belly erect and hiding that infamous red hourglass. You scream in your seldom-displayed adolescent girl voice, and frantically find a shoe to equalize the fight. By the time you return with your effective weapon of choice, the spider family has vacated the doily, and is now comfortably building their home under your couch, in your cabinet, or under that lazy boy; all completely rent-free!

Black Widow Bites Are Extremely Toxic

The unfortunate truth is that black widows and humans enjoy the same environments. They don’t have a clue that it is your home, just a conveniently placed shelter specifically for their indulgence. Your home offers optimal quiet places with comfortable temperatures and dry air for insects to relish in the darkest corners. In eastern states, there is no shortage of pests. For pest control service greenville nc for example, the professionals will offer a full inspection and estimate. The key is to be vigilant in eradicating the problem. Black widows are extremely poisonous and can kill a small child.

Creepy Crawly Intruders Do Not Belong in Your Home

Black Widows are not the only problem in the eastern states. There are plenty of other species of insects that overwhelm you and your family in no time. Some species are very hazardous to tolerate. Invaders such as rodents, raccoons, and bats often carry disease and bacteria which can make you sick. If bitten by these critters, it is an immediate trip to the emergency room. Along with carrying disease, their waste is also very harmful; the fecal matter and urine can cause a whole list of ailments. It is important to schedule an inspection with a pest control company at the first sight of these animals or their droppings.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Perhaps you are concerned about bed bugs. This is a legitimate concern, considering the infestation occurs quickly and spreads throughout the home before you even realize they are there. Never use bedding from another household without decontaminating the linens prior to bringing them inside. Don’t assume the bed sheets, towels, or other linens you scored at the thrift store were clean. In the event your home is contaminated with bed bugs, call an exterminator right away.

Cockroaches Can Cause Asthma and Carry a Petri Dish of Bacteria.

Lastly, the little disgusting tyrants that invade homes across the country, are German cockroaches. The name alone gives many people the heebie jeebies. They multiply in outrageous numbers and when there is a serious infestation, they smell horrible. The nasty little buggers get into everything and carry disease. They crawl across and feast upon feces, and then scurry across countertops…gross. This pest will even cause asthma. It is imperative that a pest control specialist is immediately on call.


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