4 Risks of putting off roof leak repairs:

Putting off a shingle repair can be extremely risky. A leaky roof can cause a series of problems with your home and even though a small leak might not seem like an issue, it can often lead to a series of costly repairs over time. If you notice a leak with your home, important you speak to a roofing contractor as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common risks that you will face if you put off repairing a leak or shingle damage:

Electrical issues:

When your shingles experience ongoing leaks there’s a chance that you could eventually see issues of electrical damage. Leaks can cause breakers to trip or even the chance of an electrical fire. Letting a leak continue could lead to the chance that your wiring could be faulty in the future and your home will experience even greater issues with disrepair.

Mold and mildew:

Health risks associated with mold and mildew can be difficult to manage. Mold growth can occur on everything including the structural drawings as well as your drywall and insulation. A few days after water leakage has occurred it’s likely that you could see mold growth, especially in a humid environment. Not all molds are going to be harmful to your health and making damage the look and structural integrity of your walls.

Increase in roofing damage:

A minor leak might not seem like much at first but it can cause a severe issue with your roof over time. If your roof is experiencing a minor leak it’s likely that it could continue to widen and eventually cause a collapse in your roof.

Problems with energy efficiency:

A leak will continue to widen and this will eventually lead to a larger hole in your roof that can cause significant issues with energy efficiency. You’ll only continue to lose money by leaving a leak unfixed.

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