Factors that affect metal roofing prices

Metal roof cost is affected by a number of factors. It is important to understand these factors to help you choose whether you are buying an “entry-level” or a “professional grade” metal roofing system. At AMT roofing, our professionals would like to bring to your notice the factors which affect metal roofing prices:

Type of metal: Zinc, copper, steel and aluminum are the most renowned metal roofing materials present at this time. Steel comes with different galvanic coatings and is the least priced. It is used for architectural home installations as it stands the test of time. Aluminum is also a great choice for residential projects as it offers benefits like a richer look and no upkeep. Copper and zinc also come with a high reflective coating that enhances the beauty of the roof. But they are pretty costly and their use is limited to small accent roofs such as entrances.

Metal roof coating: Coating also determines whether your steel or aluminum roof is an entry-level or a professional grade. Transparent coated steel roofs render the natural steel appearance but the finish may wear off after a few years because of elemental exposure. Top metal roofs come with a PVDF finish which offers a lifetime architectural look to your metal roof.

Metal roof styles: Basically, you have two major styles of metal roofs for homes- vertical seam and modular panel. You can choose any of the two. They differ with regards to fasteners, clips, and interlocking systems. Standing seam and exposed fastener panels are the varieties of vertical seam panels. The different options for modular panels are shingle, tile, slate and shake. Remember, not all products have the same thickness. Some panels may be thicker than others. Keep in mind, the thicker the panel, the more protection it will offer and the higher durability it will have. All of them are the best choices for homes however, the selection depends on the personal preference of the homeowners. There are a variety of colors and styles available to suit your bill.

Complexity involved in the installation of the roof. The construction of the roof is a major factor to find out the cost of your new metal roof. If the roof is a normal ranch or cape which needs just two planes a front and back roof, then it is simpler than a dormer with hills and valleys. The slope of the roof, its height, and its pitch play a major role in the calculation of the cost of the metal roof installation.

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