What Are the Types of Roofing and Attic Ventilation

Many of our clients don’t realize the importance of attic ventilation. Each type has its pros and cons, which is why choosing the right roofing material is often challenging. Similarly, a properly installed attic ventilation system can prevent your home from experiencing condensation, leaks, and mildew caused by excessive heat. It can also save you hundreds of dollars by effectively eliminating moisture problems in your attic or crawl space.

Let’s now discuss the various types of ventilation systems.

Box Vents

Box vents do not have moving parts. These vents are also known as low-profile vents or louvers. Flat vents and turtle vents are all examples. This type of exhaust vent is placed over a hole in the roof. It allows rising heat and moisture to escape.

Wind Turbines

Another type of passive ventilation is wind-driven turbine vents. This roof ventilation draws warm and humid air from the attic by spinning in the wind.

Power Vents

Powered vents use fans to draw hot air and moisture from the attic. A hardwired power roof vent might come with an adjustable thermostat, humidistat, or other features that allow the fan to turn on only under certain conditions.

Ridge Vents

On the roof ridge, continuous ridge vents can be installed. These vents allow for exhaust ventilation as well as off-ridge vents that improve air circulation.

Cupola Vents

Sometimes a cupola vent can be considered a decorative item. This part of your roofing system is based on the principle that “hot water rises.” As such, the warm air escapes through the decorative vent into the atmosphere.

Gable Vents

Gable vents are located high up on the house’s side, at the peak of a roof gable. Gable vents can be used in your vent system as either an intake or exhaust.

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